October Update

Heating Swaffham Prior October Headlines Progress Two critical targets have been achieved, meaning that the project will progress to the next funding application to HNDU Round 9. 162 expressions of interest achieved, demonstrating a high level of community support for the project. Results of borehole test were positive, although the thermal capacity of the ground is slightly lower than expected so more boreholes will be required. The project is technically

162 Homes and counting…

Friday 13th marked our project deadline for gaining initial support from the community to continue developing the Heating Swaffham Prior project. The department of Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy gave us a target of 170-180 homes, which we are closing in on, and hope to pick up a few more households this week.  The next round of funding will be used to deliver the studies and surveys of individual homes

Heating Swaffham Prior

July Question Sessions

The Heating Swaffham Prior Team held 3 question sessions and a techie walk during July. We received lots of questions from around 25 Swaffham Prior Residents, and will soon be posting the common questions received from these sessions online. These sessions have been really useful in receiving feedback from residents, and a number of suggestions have been forwarded to the government department (BEIS) funding the scheme. Of particular note, is

Village Hall Pop-Up

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the pop-up on Saturday Afternoon! We have installed a ‘Green’ project timeline outside the Red Lion Pub, it is planted with herbs and some numbers representing the data collection involved at this stage of work. If you haven’t already filled out a household survey to book in a visit from out technical team to survey your house please do so ASAP! The

Public Events Announced

Please join the team at one of our public events happening over the next few weeks to learn more about the project!

WP3 Funding Received

Swaffham Prior CLT and Cambridgeshire County Council have been awarded £100,000 to continue developing the district heating network proposal. CCC has contributed a further £30,000 match funding .