Pre-Planning Village Consultation

The pre-planning village consultation has now opened. The documents available give an overview of the final plans to be brought forward through the planning application in July 2020. We would appreciate your feedback – as we work toward this exciting stage of the project.

Call for feedback on the network design

The heat network design is entering its final stages to be submitted for the planning application in July 2020. Residents of Swaffham Prior are invited to have their say on the design. Hard copies of the design are displayed in the village at the village notice board, bus stop, pub and 50 High Street. You can also make comments here.

Our Environment – Kid’s Activity

Heating Swaffham Prior have launched a second Children’s activity workbook, looking at our local environment. We hope you enjoy this resource during the lockdown period, please share any drawings or scientific findings on the village facebook page! Download the booklet here!

Home Energy Check

Interested in reviewing your home’s current energy needs and potential for improvement? Check out this platform on the Energy Saving Trust website, search for Heating Swaffham Prior and enter your household details – it takes about 15 minutes to do. I have just completed it and found out that a £20 spend on insulation for my water cylinder would save me about £60/year! The information shared can also be reviewed

Archaeological Update

An update on the Heating Swaffham Prior archaeological survey – the initial magnetometry survey revealed no significant archaeology in the area. There is some evidence of old ploughing techniques, and furrows, so a further investigation using trenches will be carried out in the near future to find out more. We hope to make a short video about those investigations…

Archaeological Geo-Physical Survey Begins!

Oxford Archaeology and Magnitude Survey are currently undertaking a geophysical survey of the field (off Heath Road) proposed for the bore holes. This survey uses “non-intrusive” methods, a magnetometry hand-cart is pulled across the field, sending signals into the earth, which reflect up from the geology, producing a greyscale image of what is buried below the topsoil.  Magnetometry is the technique of measuring and mapping patterns of magnetism in the soil.

Newsletter Launch

Watch our latest film to find out what Heating Swaffham Prior has planned over the next few weeks…

March Meeting postponed

The Heating Swaffham Prior project is continuing at pace, with planning submission due to be made in Spring/Summer. We had planned to host a series of meetings for community stakeholders and the village as a whole prior to the submission, which following Government advice are now postponed. Instead, we will launch a newsletter providing more detail on the project and look to hold online workshops. The first issue will be circulated as a

December ’19 Update

Funding Our funding application is currently being processed by central Government; however, we have received an encouraging update from HNDU (Heat Network Delivery Unit). We hope to bring you good news in the new year. The Planning Process The project team have started programming the planning process to be prepared for making an application in the new year. We are currently reviewing the surveys and information that will be required.

February Update

The Heating Swaffham Prior team are pleased to confirm that HNDU and County Council match funding has been received to progress the planning application for the Community Heating Network. With only 13 short months until the first homes are to be connected to the network, intense activity is underway to bring the planning application together efficiently as possible. Over the next few weeks a number of surveys and investigations will