How Hot?

The heat network for Swaffham Prior will enable households in the village to disconnect their oil boiler, oil tank and whilst using their existing central heating system, go onto renewable energy. How? The project has been designed as a high-temperature system, meaning that in winter it will be able to deliver temperatures above 70c. Why has it been designed this way? This is a similar temperature to standard oil boilers,

Heat Supply Agreement October Update

A number of important changes to the proposed Heat Supply Agreement (customer contract) were announced last week at a public meeting. To review the changes click here. The full Heat Supply Agreement will be published on our dedicated Heat Supply Agreement webpage next week. If you have any further comments on the updates, please email before Sunday 8th November when the consultation period closes.

Designing your connection!

Will the driveway need dug up? Will the lawn be restored? How big is a Heat Interface Unit, what is it, where does it go? It’s time to start thinking about domestic connections to the renewable heating network. During October and November, free, no-obligation, remote design surveys are available to all homes in Swaffham Prior interested in joining the network. This is your chance to discuss with a project engineer,

Planning and Legal Updates

During August we held a number of meetings to update you on the planning and customer agreement (Heat Supply Agreement). These are now available online to view at your leisure (Click here) We received lots of comments on the heat supply agreement through the six-week consultation period just finished, and will update you on progress toward the Final agreement soon.

Council-Led district heating in Enfield

A number of other council’s in the UK have gone ahead of Cambridgeshire County Council in becoming energy suppliers to residents, including; Gateshead, Robin Hood and Bristol Energy . Enfield has put together some information for new residents joining their district heating scheme, which may be of interest. See their website for more information: Let us know what you think…

The Future of Oil and Gas

In July 2020, CBI released a report recommending the move away from domestic oil and gas boilers in all homes in the UK by 2035. This pushes UK policy further from its current position which bans oil and gas boilers in new homes. Swaffham Prior has an opportunity to be ahead of the game, giving residents an option to move away from oil now! For more information, check out this

What is the Heat Trust?

The heat trust is an independent, non-profit consumer champion for heat networks. They provide guidance and support to consumers and heat suppliers to ensure service and quality. The Heat Supply Agreement for Swaffham Prior has been developed to the guidance and best standards supplied by the Heat Trust. The scheme will also be registered with the Heat Trust to provide further guarantees to customers. More information on the Heat Trust

How do scheme costs compare with LPG?

There are a few households in Swaffham Prior currently heated by LPG, and we have received requests for more information on how heating costs for LPG and the heating network compare. The table below illustrates the cost difference between the two systems.

What is a Heat Interface Unit?

A lot of people have been asking us questions about heat interface units and how these are installed. We will be including some more information on HIUs in the August / September edition of the Swaffham Prior Crier, but in the meantime here is some information which you might find helpful. How big is a Heat Interface Unit? Most HIUs are smaller than a boiler, a typical specification is around

Heat Supply Agreement Consultation OPEN

The Heat Supply Agreement (customer contract) has now been published in draft form. Please review the whole document and let us know what you think.