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Thinking about joining the renewable heat network? Book a pre-construction survey, to see if your home can connect to the network, and where your Heat Interface Unit could be located.

An engineer will use the two hour survey, to review the suitability of your home for connection and start the route planning process. Access to your property internally and externally will be required.

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For more information on the remote design-survey, please review the following. If you have any further questions, get in touch via

About the survey

A qualified engineer from the project engineering lead, Bouygues Energy & Services will carry out the design-survey.

No – the survey will assess how to connect your home to the scheme, and anything you might need to change inside your home, if you do decide to go ahead.

Why is the survey required?

The purpose of the survey is to discuss and agree the location of the HIU and the pipework within your property.

We will also assess if any changes are required to your heating system to make it compatible with the new heat network.

  • Confirmation that your house is able to connect to the heat network.
  • Agree location of the HIU.
  • Agree route to the HIU from the network.

Information on your connection design will be shared with Cambridgeshire County Council’s team (CCC). They will prepare a connection offer and next steps to joining the network, which you will receive by September 2021.

Yes – we need some more detail on your system, and we want to agree with you where to locate key equipment (HIU and pipework).


Yes – you are free to have another person present during the survey if you wish and it is safe from a social-distancing perspective.

All our surveyors are from Bouygues Energy & Services, our technical advisors on the project. They will have Bouygues ID and apparel.

Who should I contact if…

In the first instance please use the links in the booking confirmation to reschedule. 24 hours’ notice is required to rearrange.

Or call 075 2594 3420 and ask to speak to the Swaffham Prior team.

Please call 075 2594 3420 and ask to speak to the Swaffham Prior team. and ask to speak to the Swaffham Prior team.