Celebrating Earth Day !

Swaffham Prior is celebrating Earth Day, ahead of our heat network launch this year which will replace oil heating in our village, reducing local and global pollution. 

The Heating Swaffham Prior team has created a treasure hunt for kids in the village (launching from 3pm today!). A map and your first clue can be picked up from a box at 50 High Street and should be returned by April 2nd to claim your prize!

Why are we celebrating Earth Day?

On the first ’Earth Day’ 20 million people in the USA took to the streets to protest for better environmental legislation 51 years ago. The scenes were similar to those seen in the climate change protests that took place two summers ago across the UK. A lot has changed since the first Earth Day, climate change is now firmly on the agenda globally. The UK has accelerated our progress toward Net Zero, overtaking our neighbours across the pond. The Heating Swaffham Prior project will make a positive ‘Earth Impact’, reducing carbon dioxide pollution by 79,000 tonnes!