What is a Heat Interface Unit?

A lot of people have been asking us questions about heat interface units and how these are installed. We will be including some more information on HIUs in the August / September edition of the Swaffham Prior Crier, but in the meantime here is some information which you might find helpful.

How big is a Heat Interface Unit?

Most HIUs are smaller than a boiler, a typical specification is around H.63cm x W. 55cm x D. 26.5cm, and weighs up to 20kg. This includes the casing.

Where can a HIU be installed?

Where the HIU is installed will vary from house to house. We are asking households to sign-up for a survey in October to establish an appropriate location for the unit to be installed. This will depend on a number of factors such as; the current boiler location, the suitability of the wall construction and routes available to connect with the network.

Can I decide where the HIU and network connection goes?

The works required to install and connect your home can only be carried out if you agree to what is proposed, so contractors will be required to work with you to make sure that it is agreeable. A formal process has been put in place within the Heat Supply Agreement (Appendix 1) to list the works required, the time frame for these to be delivered, and verify your consent for these to be carried out. (The HSA is available to view at www.heatingswaffhamprior.co.uk/HSA). 

Who owns the HIU to be installed?

The HIU remains the property of Cambridgeshire County Council and they are responsible for the servicing and general maintenance of the HIU for those signed up to the scheme. Trained and approved contractors will be appointed through the council’s competitive process, and customer support made available by the Council also. Like a boiler, the Heat Interface Unit will require an annual service to ensure its ongoing efficiency and safety. This service, and general maintenance of the boiler required is a cost covered by the daily standing charge of 82p/day.