December ’19 Update


Our funding application is currently being processed by central Government; however, we have received an encouraging update from HNDU (Heat Network Delivery Unit). We hope to bring you good news in the new year.

The Planning Process

The project team have started programming the planning process to be prepared for making an application in the new year. We are currently reviewing the surveys and information that will be required.

Interest from Elsewhere

The project is capturing the interest of villages across England, over the last few months, a number of oil or gas-dependent villages have been in contact. The Welsh Government is also reviewing the potential of community heat networks and has been in touch. 

Education Facility

As part of the planning application, we are working with Cambridgeshire County Council’s Education team to consider options for providing an educational facility alongside the energy centre. The ambition would be to provide guided visits to school children or interest groups enabling further learning about the project.

Data Streaming

A number of households in Swaffham Prior agreed to the installation of a heat meter in their homes, since installation, these have been continuously collecting data monitored by the technical team. We plan to make this live heat data available via the project website and are finalising permissions to do so. The data will illustrate local responses to local weather conditions and give an indication as to how much energy the village uses today.

Poster in the window launch!

A poster will shortly be delivered to your home, if you have signed up to the network, please display this in a window to let your neighbours know that the network will be coming their way. 

It’s not too late for you to express interest in joining the scheme, remember households that do so now will not have to pay for connection. The opportunity for free connection is coming to an end, as the final network design will be determined in January prior to the planning application being made.