October Update

Heating Swaffham Prior October Headlines


Two critical targets have been achieved, meaning that the project will progress to the next funding application to HNDU Round 9.

  • 162 expressions of interest achieved, demonstrating a high level of community support for the project.
  • Results of borehole test were positive, although the thermal capacity of the ground is slightly lower than expected so more boreholes will be required.
  • The project is technically feasible, but is likely to cost more to deliver than outlined in previous work stages. 

Sub-consultants designing the network and energy centre are working to an early October deadline. They will present final options to then be financially modelled at a high-level. The technology design development will continue until the planning application and is subject to change until this point. More information on the financial modelling and technology will be shared with the community prior to planning.Funding + ProgrammeThe funding, if received, will pay for detailed surveys, and further community support required to make a planning application by the end of 2019. Taking a planning application forward will only happen if funding is received.

Funding + Programme

  • The grant application will be made by end of October 2019 (Due to receive confirmation of funds by end of November 2019).
  • Planning applications by end of Early 2020 (Q1).
  • The project team acknowledge that these timelines are tight, but are achievable. Planning consultants have already been appointed, and previous pre-application meetings have taken place with East Cambridgeshire District Council.
  • March 2021 for the first property connections remains the target for switch on!

To date, Swaffham Prior has progressed a retrofit, district heating scheme further than any other village! There has been considerable local support and community involvement, a project film has been commissioned to celebrate the story so far. https://heatingswaffhamprior.co.uk.